For Realtors


Lone Palm understands how real estate works. We know many Realtors have worked hard and for many years to develop, nurture, and retain their clients. We’re all in the same boat and we respect the relationship with your client.

Our full-service approach to property management is meant to complement your business and clients’ needs for dedicated property management. We feel there are countless reasons to partner with Lone Palm, Inc. but here are a few that stand out. Lets go over some basics of how Lone Palm works with Realtors to help them and their clients.

Keep Your Clients

When you send us a referral for an owner-client, you can rest assured we will send them back to you when they need a Realtor for a listing or sale. You’ll increase chances of getting a future sale with them as we may be the first to know of their intent to sell their investment property or desire to purchase additional properties. We’ll put this in writing because we want you to feel confident about referring your clients.

Reduce Your Liability

Improperly following tenant-landlord law, mishandling fees or trust monies, maintenance issues, turnovers, etc. can bring on many legal and liability challenges. Moreover, it can place your license at risk, be in conflict with your brokerage’s policies about managing property for clients, or not be covered by your insurance. Reduce your risk and leave the details (or headaches) to us.

We’ll Make You Look Good

By referring clients to us, you can feel safe that we will do our best to make you look good. Professionalism is what guides us. By referring your owner-clients to us, you will only strengthen your relationship with them by showing them you’re interested in their success. As a bonus, you’ll now have more time on your hands to work on the things that matter most to you and your business - more listings and sales.

Next Steps

We look forwarding to meeting with you soon to tell you everything. We’re confident our services will exceed your client’s expectations and ideas about property management.