For Owners


We’re not your classic “management company.”

Lone Palm has experience managing single-family homes up to large multi-family sites (60+ unit properties). We believe remaining deliberately compact will provide us the agility to creatively solve challenges with a forward-thinking approach and not merely "fix the problem." Inspired to think without limitation, we aim to provide exemplary service for our clients and customers. It is best not to think of us as your “property manager” or “management company” but rather, your partner in the realm of building success by renting your investment property.

With more than seven years of experience in managing high-volume and high-value investment properties, Lone Palm is ready for anything. We're nimble, proactive, and prompt to respond. We do not believe the word "no," or the idea of "it cannot be done" have a place in our company. We understand there is more to the puzzle than merely having a tenant in place that pays on time.

Investment property owners often have goals, desires, and long-term strategy - we seek to be in alignment with those goals and strategies. Lone Palm is active in providing our expertise to improve the property, ownership benefits, and the tenant/landlord experience.

An owner may be an "accidental" landlord - someone who owned a home or property but ended up renting it instead of selling. An owner may also be a group of investors who purchased a multi-family property. These factors do not change our approach to how a property is managed, cared for, and improved. Daily operations may vary, but the result is that Lone Palm looks after each property with the same care, respect, and attention to detail. We have a fiduciary duty to all our owner-clients - It is this duty to which we fully adhere. Lone Palm is committed to ensuring the continued growth, safety, and protection of the investment property. In turn, these strategies will also protect the owner(s) and ensure they continue to benefit from investment property ownership.


Owner Services

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 Lone Palm offers a full suite of services for property management ranging from single-family homes to multi-family properties. We take a hands-on approach because that’s what we know and also because each property deserves a level of dedication to ensure our owners are fully satisfied.

Marketing + Leasing

  • Owner and property consultation to determine rental valuation + owner goals
    Each property and owner are unique with different goals, but one goal remains common - to maximize the profit the investment produces without sacrificing quality.

  • High quality photos for the rental listing
    Mobile photography is great but we love our cameras with interchangeable lenses. We like professional real estate photographers even more.

  • Listing syndicated to all the major listing sites
    Santa Barbara MLS, Zillow, Hotpads, Trulia. Craigslist, and more

  • Prospect pre-qualifications
    We like to be as efficient as possible and avoid “tire kickers”

  • Tenant screening + placement
    We run a screening report which includes credit score, income, criminal / eviction / rental history

  • Lease management + negotiations
    People have questions and we have answers (unless it’s legal advise which we cannot provide)

  • Detailed inspection reports with photos
    Photos, videos, and our favorite, 350-degree photos. No detail is missed and everything is documented. If it was “like that when we moved in,” we’ll have it on record.

Ongoing Monthly Management

  • Tenant communication
    Things pop up and residents will have questions. We address any / all communication within 24 hours of receipt

  • Rent collection, accounting, financial reporting
    We ensure the rent is paid each month, every month. Any income associated with the property is posted to the account as well as any expense. Each month, the Owner Statement shows income and expense so there’s never any wondering where the money came from or went to

  • Maintenance Coordination
    Perhaps the biggest pain point for any property owner - maintenance and repairs. We’ll take care of normal tenant-requested maintenance and repairs to ensure prompt completion at a high level of workmanship.

  • Invoice copies for all maintenance
    Owners always know who did the work and how much it was. We don’t have anything to hide.

  • Online Tenant and Owner Portals
    Owners have access to previous monthly or annual statements as well as remit owner contributions if needed. Tenants have access to remit electronic payments, submit maintenance requests, as well as a general overview of the account.

  • Annual inspection during tenancy
    We perform a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property to document the condition during tenancy.

  • Lease violation enforcement and communication
    When something goes off track, we work quickly and diligently to get things corrected to make everyone happy again

  • Lease renewal services
    More than simply sending out a new lease to review and sign. We look at the previous months of tenant performance (violations, etc) as well as the market so a rental rate adjustment can be applied.

  • Security deposit collection and disposition
    The tenant may have put up good money for the deposit. We hold and dispose of these funds in conformance with CA laws.

  • Year-end documents
    Owner 1099s, 12-month totals of property p&l, cashflow, and more


  • Ongoing Monthly Management
    7.5% of gross collected rents ($125 minimum)

  • Lease Marketing + Tenant Placement (if vacant)
    50% of on full months rent
    This includes listing the property, showings, tenant application process, lease negotiation / drafting / signatures